Ranson Hollows Activities

  • Fishing


    Our ponds are stocked seasonally with trout, the catfish fish are refreshed every couple of years and the bass, bluegill and trophy goldfish are permanent residents.  We normally practice catch and release because we believe a nice fish is too fun to be caught only once.  With this in mind we also understand that sometimes you just want to eat some fresh fish and that’s OK too.

    No Fishing license required.
    Fly fishing lessons available by appointment.

    The following locals lakes that can also be enjoyed outside of Ranson Hollows:


  • Hiking and ATV

    Ranson Hollows has an extensive network of trails that should satisfy the avid hiker or meandering woods walker.  Our trails range from a 1% grade to elevation changes of 500 feet or so.

    We welcome people who enjoy a nice, quite and responsible ATV ride. You may bring your own and putter around at your own risk provided you are a mature and safe operator over 18 years of age and not prone to uttering those famous words that signals  stupidity has taken control-   “Hey, ya’ll watch this!”  while riding on our trails.

    Jackson County has a vast network of single lane paved, gravel and unmaintained public roads legal for ATV riders.  It’s the perfect way to see some beautiful farm country.  The very popular “Poverty Ridge Trail” runs through the northern end of Ranson Hollows and from there you can go anywhere in the world!

  • Mushrooming

    Activities Mushroom1Like all woodsy, pastured and wet lands type places we get a lot of different mushrooms that pop up from year to year. They can be really interesting to find, identify and photograph. Only Experienced Shroomers should try to eat them. Inexperienced mushroom eaters never seem to book return trips so we don’t recommend being the first to try one. Wonder why?

  • Small Gaming and Bow Hunting

    Hunting at Ranson Hollows is available for the following animals:

    • Deer Hunting, Bow Only - 6 hunters maximum
    • Muzzle Loader Season - 4 hunters maximum
    • Deer Gun Season 1st week - Available for Deer Gun Season, starting the second week.
    • Turkey, Fall & Spring Gobbler, & small game hunting such as Rabbit, Squirrel and the occasional Grouse
    • Coyote by special prior arrangement


    And if you’re looking to bag some big game, we highly suggest booking an excursion with Hog Haven West Virginia. Located in Given, West Virginia, you can spend the day nabbing a quality hog or trophy ram, then come back home to the Hollows, just a few miles away.

    Guides available upon request. Hunting license required.